01. Water is Plentiful!

...about 3 months out of the year.

The rest of the year, you better hold on to it. We can design and build beautiful water catchment features for you that reduce or eliminate your landscaping water bill while creating stunning centerpieces for your outdoor living and recreation. Oversized rainwater tanks are out, and lively natural swimming ponds are in for...

wait for it...

about the same cost.

After years of careful research and engineering, our team of designers have created unique systems that are specifically tuned to the Texas climate. Click here if you're interested in learning more about all the different types of natural swimming pools from around the world like this beautiful pool shown here that was installed by Clear Water Revival in England.

02. Food is Beautiful

Beautiful. Low maintenance. Low water. Low cost. This is what most people say when we ask about their primary landscaping needs.

In the city, your landscaping can be a few other things, as well: Productive. Sustainable. Food. We specialize in beautiful edible landscaping that gives you a low maintenance, year-round bounty while using plants appropropriate to Central Texas weather,

- in any style you like.

03. We Build a Team For You

Small backyard pool? Restaurant patio garden? Corridor master plan?

Our principles will build a team specifically tailored and sized for your project. We partner with highly creative and skilled firms and independant contractors, and then we pair just the right ones with you once your project begins. Our unique operating model keeps us lean and adaptable

- and you get a lot for your budget.

04. We Grow it.
. . . . You Serve It.

Plants that love the weather taste the best...and as a restaurant owner you know the freshest local herbs and spices make your recipes stand out. Our seasoned urban growers specialize in producing edible perennials and native crops unique to our region. We can grow just what you need and help you understand the supply schedule in advance so you can get back to what you love,

- creating the most unique, hyper local recipes you can imagine.

Click here to learn more about commissioning weekly bulk orders of herbs and veggies and to see our list of availability.