Outdoor Living

From small garden bed clean-up to full landscape planning and installation, we help your dreams of beautiful, sustainable, and productive outdoor living come to life.

Edible and Native Landscaping and Outdoor Living

Food is beautiful and has a place in every landscape – in your style. Get a landscaped look with food bearing plants and have a stylish landscape that gives back to you for once! We consider your yard an extension of your home, your family, and your quality of life.

Rainwater Catchment Fountains, Ponds, and Swimming Pools

Rainwater is rich in minerals that help your soil thrive. Keeping rainwater on your property and using it in your landscaping is the best. We design water systems that also bring joy to your family – natural swimming ponds are beautiful, fun, and healthy. Scrap the rain tanks and take a cool dip!

Maintenance, Stewardship, and Restoration

A healthy, hard working landscape is so rewarding. Take care of yourself and your investment by having one of our specially trained gardeners help you with weekly, monthly, or seasonal garden care, cut backs, annuals, and more. They’re also excellent at helping you know when and how to harvest from your yard’s bounty!

Consultation and Education

We kinda geek out when people want to know more about growing food or conserving water. We’re happy to offer consultations and to help you get more out of your own projects, and we can help you connect with a plethora of resources. You can also get plugged into the larger community by visiting urbanpatchwork.org, our non-profit family.

Backyard Homesteading, Poultry, and Protein

Our team has decades worth of knowledge and experience handling poultry, fowl, squab, quail, and rabbits – particularly in the compact urban setting. We can help you set up a back yard aviary or rabbitry that provides for your family, and we also offer workshops and personal services for getting your feathered and furry friends ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. We know…you accidentally gave them names, didn’t you.