Water Features and Pools

Dive into the joy of Barton Springs or Jacob’s Well without leaving home. Nature knows how to make your water crystal clear without chemicals. We can help you capture a little of that magic in your own fountain, pool, or pond.

Multi-part Natural Filtration

Our team members have worked with Central Texas ecosystems for over 20 years and understand the nuances, materials, and plants you need in your pool or pond to keep it clear and vibrant year-round. Your multi-part natural filtration system is designed uniquely for your location, your uses, and Central Texas weather.

Modern, Natural, Artistic – Your Style

Our designers can translate your aesthetic preferences into a pool or pond that communicates your home’s architecture and your lifestyle. Once we work with you to determine what you want your water feature to look like, we can engineer a design that works beautifully and fits right in.

Healthy for You and the Environment

Rain fed pools and ponds use no chemicals and capture one of nature’s most precious resources – rainwater for you to use to grow food, replenish your landscaping, and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. You can feel good about putting in a pool that benefits the environment and is safe for your family.

Instant Return on Your Investment

Your chemical free water feature silently works to ensure returns on your investment many times over what’s possible with a conventional pool or conventional rainwater catchment system. It’s healthy, provides habitat, is a rich water source for your landscaping, reduces stormwater runoff (and your water bill), and provides your family with outdoor entertainment and living space – all in one stunningly beautiful system.